Attention Copywriters, Marketers and Business Owners who want GRAB and HOLD prospect's attention!

Discover the cleverly disguised secrets employed by celebrity TV Pitchmen to sell ANYTHING in Two Minutes or Less!

Now you too can create winning promotions, products launches and marketing, campaigns that cut through the clutter and turn prospects into rabid buyers.


Show-Me-Info-button-No-CardsAre you at the verge of tearing your hair out because it’s getting near impossible to get your
marketing messages noticed by prospects?

Who wouldn’t be? What with two-second attention spans, smart phones, ipads and YouTube we’ve REALLY
got our work cut out for us. What’s more, these devices are here to stay.

Given these facts how DO copywriters, marketers and business owners like us, deal with this trend?

Simple … we COPY what successful TV pitchmen have done for years. Because if leveraged wisely all the latest consumer electronics gizmos can actually be our best friends.

Read on to find out exactly why this is true.

Hi, I’m Mark Dresner with a groundbreaking new resource, that will: save you time, save you money and
(most importantly) save you massive amounts of frustration and aggravation
in getting the attention
of your targeted sales prospects.


TV pitchmen have really figured it all out

Take the late great celebrity pitchman Billy Mays for example.

His approach, his warm manner and his familiarity gained the trust … and dollars of prospects around the world.

Billy’s pitches may APPEAR to be somewhat unrehearsed, off the cuff and homey. But, as we saw in his short-lived
TV show “Pitch Men” they were not. Rather the scripts are tight and specifically engineered to sell.

MAGIC happens when Pitchmen mix their proven influence techniques (script copywriting) with sight, sound
and action: prospects can’t seem to RESIST buying.

It’s takes a killer script to
MAKE a Blockbuster movie

Without a good script a movie ends up a direct-to-video bomb. Same with a TV commercial or marketing video.
Bad scripts delivers poor sales.

Start with a good script that skillfully leads the prospect along to a logical conclusion – buying -
and you’ve got a winner.

The good news is you never have to start writing your scripts from scratch. (Why reinvent the wheel)

Imagine being able to quickly and consistently
create high-converting sales scripts

Well, now you can.

I’ve put together an incredible resource for you. A trove of annotated sales scripts along with mini storyboards
from some of the best TV sales pitches … I’ve ever seen.

Famous TV Pitchmen like Billy Mays, Anthony Sullivan and Vince Offer
(the Sham Wow Guy) have used these scripts to sell almost every product imaginable.

    • If you’re a copywriter you’ll discover how to open up an entirely new outlet for writing copy. You’ll be able
      to go after projects you never even considered before.
    • If you’re a marketer or marketing consultant you’ll be able to quickly adapt these scripts to work for your
      clients. You’ll save time and get products selling faster.
    • And if you’re a business owner you’ll have the ability to sell your own products and services using the
      techniques in these proven sales scripts.


Here’s what you get for instant download

  • The 155 page TV Pitchmen’s Selling Secrets Playbook with FIFTY annotated scripts selling a wide range
    of products.
  • PLUS, each script ALSO comes with descriptive scene staging images to help relate the words to the action.
  • You’ll also get my Architecture of a Direct Response TV video cheat sheet which outlines essential elements
    needed for a successful sales video script.

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The TV Pitchmen’s Selling Secrets Playbook is a crucial resource every copywriter,
marketer or business owner should have in their toolkit.

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